Colonel Spencer F. Wurst is a retired World War Two veteran that was born in Erie,PA. Being an author was just a side job after the many years spent in the service. This book is an autobiography wrote by himself. He was one of the few, in his company, that survived the war and he felt that his memories of the war should be heard not hidden,(many soldiers do not like to share their experiences). His platoon was hit very hard during the war sustaining a 95% casualty rate. Before the war, Spencer enlisted at age 15, even though he knew the legal age was 18. Right around his 17th birthday, he decided to become a paratrooper. Col. Wurst was an entry level private when he joined the paratrooper unit. As a trooper, he made three out of the four combat jumps for his company. Through out his entire career, he earned more than 15 medals, two of which were pruple hearts. This book tells the many adventures Col. Wurst endured.

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